Saturday, July 2, 2011

Smokey eyes with Wet n wild Greed Palette

Hello Everyone this is my very first makeup entry.I'm not a pro I just love makeup and whenever I get a chance I love to put on some eye shadow.As usual it is very important to start with a good primer so that the makeup in your eyes can last all day.For this look I used the eyeshadow palette from Wet n Wild called Greed.I love Wet n Wild cosmetics,they are very affordable and the new eyeshadows are really pretty and pigmented.The palette has 6 eyeshadows one side is matte the other is shimmer. the right side has a highlighter a medium shade for the lid and a darker shade for the outer corner of the eye.The palette has one highlighter,two peachy tones(one shimmer one matte) two greys one lighter one sort of like a charcoal both in shimmer and one black in matte.and here is a picture of the look that I did with this palette.

Overall this look is very easy for a beginner like me.the color on the brow bone is the highlighter and is the lightest color the second one is the light silver one and the all lid color is the black one.
please excuse my eyebrows,I try my best to make them look equal but somehow the left one is thicker than the right
Is a bit hard for me to really show my eyeshadow because I have hooded eyes,but I'm practicing more and more everyday to make it look better.thanks all for reading my blog!

the jumper simplicity 5317

This jumper I made it very quick, instead of flannel I used corduroy a beautiful awl fabric that my little one felt in love with.I made it in a size 4 it fit perfectly.In my opinion is a good project for beginner to intermediate.

This was the facings 

this was the final garment,it fit really good.I would make it again if I have time.