Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As I promise Nails,my other Hobby and not a pro yet

I discovered the love for nails when I wanted to get mines done ,but didn't had the money to maintain them. Last october I decide to go to Sally's and get the supplies,It became my little obsession.I started getting very involved in the subject and read many books.the most important thing is sanitation,in order to make beautiful nails enhancements.I f a person follows the proper steps is a sure way leading to success.I would love to go to beauty school and get my liscense,but in my area we lack of the opportunity.Here are some pictures of some of my work.feel free to ask questions and suggestions.

Purple glitter

Pink Glitter

Nail art

This was me practicing

Again Practicing

I'll be posting more soon!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Learn from the Pros

Last year I saw a blouse at Dillard's that I really liked.Omg,it was too much for me,so I decided to find something similar and make it myself,the pattern looked simple.One thing that completely threw me off was the pattern fitting.
I love to sew , I love sewing magazines and sewing shows,but to complete one grament it was a hard task for me.I honestly hate the process of taking the tissue pattern and start cutting it and getting the size right.Well I just went and guess my size according to my full bust measurements,WRONG!!! the blouse came out huge,enormous,grande no no no extra grande.I'm not a typical Barbie doll,(well used to,LOL) After I had my daughter I went from barely bubbies size 4 to full busted. I'm 5'5 and at the time I was 180 lbs so I went and picked size 18,or 20 I think it was.I don't even know how many times the poor blouse got feeded thru my serger and still too big.I gave up,I wanted to wear that blouse soo bad,but I have very limited experience into sewing or ven worse fitting.I gave up for a while and my beautiful blouse became one more of my UFOs.As the days went by I realized that I had to face my moster and find the way to learn from my mistakes.I went online and came across these beauties,         the first DVD is about jackets,Oh no! one more of my UFOs, the second one is about fitting,yes fitting.I had to face my monster and fall in love with the tissue. that damn tissue! and the last full busted yup,that's what I got thanks to the pregnancy, a totally body makeover LOL.I re play this videos and wow so many things that I did wrong, is not you full bust is high chestmeaning above your bust.also try on the damn tissue,yes,try it on.for some of you this is a very simple process it could even feel like second nature.To me not really,I had no one growing up that knew how to sew.I really want to learn it all and be able to pass it on to my daughter.It's so sad that many fabric stores are closing, to me my sewing room is my therapy.

Monday, October 19, 2009

my old sewing room

The threads didn't work there,my 2yr old daughter took them and threw them all around the tiny room, I call her little terror,because I have to re arrange every time she comes in.She even left her mark on the wall.

We currently live on post (Fort Hood),our house was way bigger.It's all good as long as I can see the hubby more often LOL. It's hard for me to keep it tidy Samara is always into something.

About me....

I'm a 29 yr old woman,I'm an Army wife (not the series,in real life lol )I'm a mom of a 2yr old princess.She is my joy,my motivation,my strenth.I love to sew and love to do my nails.I will post some of my work and my nails too.