Friday, April 25, 2014

French Purple glitter mix acrylic nails

Sorry I've been out for so long. Here is a picture of a set of acrylic nails that I did for a friend. I use organic nails protein bond. This product is amazing. I used NSI and EZ flow. The purple glitter mix is a combination of glitters in the color purple with stars. I encapsulated the mix with clear acrylic. The rhinestones I got them from eBay. I hope that you like them.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Acrylic Nails Raspberry Daisy and You Tube Tutorial

Products I used: Nailite Omega Acrylic with sparkly glitter on the almond of the nail.On the free edge I used a mix of different glitters in red,purple and pink. I used a clear acrylic to encapsulate the glitter from Sally's called ASP in clear. The flower is a sticker flower from Kiss brand that I got at Walmart. For the ultra shine I used Glaze N Go.I also made a video tutorial if you would like to try it. I'm not a professional I just love nails on my very little free time. Till next time :-)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mineral eyeshadow makeup for very sensitive eyes.

I'm unfortunate to have very sensitive eyes. I searched for more information about sensitive eyes,but there's not a lot.Mostly is blame to allergies,wich I do have but very mild. I'm allergic to dust,but who isn't. I love makeup! but most of the eyeshadows make my eyes very sensitive.I get all kinds of reactions from very red eyes,to itching and burning. I wonder if there's anyone out there with the same problem.I would like to point out that I'm very hygienic with my makeup. I often disinfect all of my makeup. Yes I've seen news report about a lady who's makeup bag was bacteria ville,scary. 
So far the only eyeshadow that has work for me is  mineral eyeshadows and Almay eyeshadow. I felt the difference as soon as I applied it.I didn't have any burning or itching or even red eyes.Yay! I'm one happy Girl!. I tell my husband that I wish I could have more time to do my makeup everyday,because I love the feeling that I get when I put makeup on.When I was Expecting my daughter I became obsessed about makeup,even to take the trash out, seriously. 

Mineral micas from TKB trading 

Products used: urband Decay primer,Aztec Gold and Capricorn sea micas

Note: I'm not affiliated with the mentioned products nor did I received a commission for using them. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Simplicity 9497

I got this pattern long ago, until one day I pulled my pattern stash. I went to Joann's to buy a beautiful brocade fabric. we yes we,because my daughter is 5yrs old and is always willing to help. They only problem is that she wants the stuff that we sew to be done in minutes.
Cutting the skirt and linning.

She's helping me to sew the skirt thinking that it will be done in minutes! I wish.

Sewing the invisible zipper.I had a bit of difficulty the pattern skipped a couple of steps and I had to figure it out on my own. I'm not an expert seamstress but would love to be one,one day.

When sewing the invisible zipper I used a flat  screwdriver  to keep the zipper to the side.I  got this technique  from a very old and beautiful book called The busy mother's guide to sewing children's clothes by Nancy Coburn.

The back of the dress all done,sorry I forgot to add step by step pictures.
so glad that both sides are at the same level.I decided to add a long black ribbon as a sash.

 The dress completed she couldn't wait any longer and wore it right away that sunday to go to church.The dress was overall easy to make,except that the instructions on how to sew the linning was missing. I do recommend this pattern,but not for beginners.

My daughter and my 20 months old son after church.
till next time :-)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh Honey

Recently I went to a local pet store to get some natural pet food. We have a long hair chihuahua and a new puppy German Shepard. As I approached the check out line I noticed a huge jar oft beautiful, delicious honey. Not just any honey, natural honey. I bought it and was very happy the jar was only $10.
The benefits of honey are endless from the inside out. Honey can help muscles before, during and after exercise. Honey can enhance sexual libido( hooray) lol. It is perfect for the skin specially my worse nightmare acne scars. Here is a few recipes made with honey of course. For acne scars 2 tbs of honey and 2 tbs of lemon can clear up the skin. Lemons have vitamin c which is very good for the skin. 2 tbs of honey and 1 tbs of baking soda creates a paste to exfoliate your skin. Do it twice a week. 2 tbs of honey and tbs of olive oil put the mixture on your face for three minutes. Get a hot steamy towel and let it rest on your face. The steam will remove scaring , then wash your face. Pour half a cup of honey in the blender with a cucumber blend together really well. Cucumber is very good to tighten the pores. Apply on the face for a couple if minutes then clean the face with a wash cloth. These can be done daily except the exfoliant.