Friday, November 23, 2012

Simplicity 9497

I got this pattern long ago, until one day I pulled my pattern stash. I went to Joann's to buy a beautiful brocade fabric. we yes we,because my daughter is 5yrs old and is always willing to help. They only problem is that she wants the stuff that we sew to be done in minutes.
Cutting the skirt and linning.

She's helping me to sew the skirt thinking that it will be done in minutes! I wish.

Sewing the invisible zipper.I had a bit of difficulty the pattern skipped a couple of steps and I had to figure it out on my own. I'm not an expert seamstress but would love to be one,one day.

When sewing the invisible zipper I used a flat  screwdriver  to keep the zipper to the side.I  got this technique  from a very old and beautiful book called The busy mother's guide to sewing children's clothes by Nancy Coburn.

The back of the dress all done,sorry I forgot to add step by step pictures.
so glad that both sides are at the same level.I decided to add a long black ribbon as a sash.

 The dress completed she couldn't wait any longer and wore it right away that sunday to go to church.The dress was overall easy to make,except that the instructions on how to sew the linning was missing. I do recommend this pattern,but not for beginners.

My daughter and my 20 months old son after church.
till next time :-)

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  1. Hi Julissa,
    I noticed that you are following my blog and so wanted to stop in to visit.
    The dress turned out lovely... and by the look on your daughters face... well that tells it all! She loves it! Did I understand that since their were no instructions for a lining that you didn't do one? Just so you know... if you use the same pattern pieces to cut out a lining and then attach it by starting at the neck, turning it then inside out... and hand stitch next to the zipper... using a hidden stitch... and as long as you press under your seam allowance for the arm holes... you can either machine stitch really close to the edges or hand sew it there you can completely line it. Oh, and then you can either treat the hem as one piece or as separate pieces and hem them separately... your done! Nice cause then it encases all your seam allowances. If you knew all this... never mind. LoL... Enjoy your sewing time... it's never too early to teach your daughter to sew... have her practice straight line sewing with a lined sheet of notebook paper (following the lines) with a needle and no thread! Good practice. Have fun!