Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh Honey

Recently I went to a local pet store to get some natural pet food. We have a long hair chihuahua and a new puppy German Shepard. As I approached the check out line I noticed a huge jar oft beautiful, delicious honey. Not just any honey, natural honey. I bought it and was very happy the jar was only $10.
The benefits of honey are endless from the inside out. Honey can help muscles before, during and after exercise. Honey can enhance sexual libido( hooray) lol. It is perfect for the skin specially my worse nightmare acne scars. Here is a few recipes made with honey of course. For acne scars 2 tbs of honey and 2 tbs of lemon can clear up the skin. Lemons have vitamin c which is very good for the skin. 2 tbs of honey and 1 tbs of baking soda creates a paste to exfoliate your skin. Do it twice a week. 2 tbs of honey and tbs of olive oil put the mixture on your face for three minutes. Get a hot steamy towel and let it rest on your face. The steam will remove scaring , then wash your face. Pour half a cup of honey in the blender with a cucumber blend together really well. Cucumber is very good to tighten the pores. Apply on the face for a couple if minutes then clean the face with a wash cloth. These can be done daily except the exfoliant.

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