Monday, February 27, 2012

My obsession with Chipotle's Mexican Grill during my husband deployment

During my husband's last deployment to Irak,I decided to go and stay with my mom and sister in Orlando, Florida. During our stayed there my sister introduced me to a restaurant called Chipotle's Mexican Grill,I was instantly in  love with the food. I became a regular at the restaurant that I knew almost everybody.I know crazy! After about four months we get the amazing news that the deployment got cut short and the guys were heading back.Forget Chipotle, my hubby is coming home! was, what I was thinking all the time.When my hubby got back,we went to the restaurant and my husband loved it. I knew that he was going to get hooked on it like I did. Since my husband is into playing baseball and eating healthy and weights and all of that,he loved it. After the holidays it was our time to head back home,after searching for my closest location I got the following message "We are sorry no Chipole in your area search for another city or MOVE!" I was devastated, I didn't know to either laugh,cry,get angry or simply close my mac book. I was thinking to myself is ok,screw you,you'll be the one missing me,lol. After heading back home I did some research and duplicate it at home.yay for me! Now four months later I do what I call "Chipotleada Night" and here is my recent picture of my version of Barbacoa beef with white rice bowl.Like my dearest Julia Child used to say "Bon Appetit"